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Services Overview

Dr. Mueller specializes in cognitive testing of older adults who have Medicare and a supplemental insurance plan. This testing requires a referral from the patient’s primary care provider or neurologist. Testing is scheduled only after the patient’s faxed referral has been received. Scheduling usually runs between one and six weeks out.

Once testing is complete, it takes one full week for results to be scored, interpreted, and synthesized into a report that is faxed to the patient’s referring medical provider. A written copy of the results is also provided to the patient in-person at a follow-up appointment, which is scheduled upon completion of testing. Patients are encouraged to bring a close friend or family member with them to the follow-up appointment.

Dr. Mueller is able to return calls only for new patients whose referrals have already been received.  Medical providers should fax testing referrals with insurance data to: 360-343-1003. The medical provider’s NPI and state license # should be included with the referral if the provider has not previously sent over referrals. 

There is a 48-hour cancellation policy for testing appointments. This means that appointments must be cancelled with at least 48-hour notice. Cancelling or failing to show up for a scheduled appointment may result in a no show fee, which is not covered by Medicare or insurance.

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Felicia Mueller, Psy.D.

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